Туристский информационный центр Хакасии

Tourist Information Centre of Khakassia

Dear friends, residents of Khakassia and tourists!

We are glad to discover Khakassia for you, a land with an amazing culture, ancient history and vibrant nature! Traveling in Khakassia will bring pleasure to everyone, even a traveler spoiled by foreign exoticism. Everyone can find here what is important for them - warm lakes and clear streams, heritage of ancient cultures and modern service, snow-capped mountains and endless steppes.

We know exactly where in Khakassia you can have a quality rest, enjoy delicious food, what to see and what to do. We will develop a route, help resolve transport and accommodation issues, provide you with contacts of trusted tour guides, show you the places you should see on the map, and answer all the difficult questions about the rest.

We are the team of the Tourist Information Centre of Khakassia.

State Budgetary Institution of the Republic of Khakassia Tourist Information Centre of Khakassia

Tourist reception area in TIC of Khakassia

Tourist Information Centre is an organization created to be the first assistant to tourists coming to the region. For tourists, we have a special tourist reception area in the building of the Khakas National Museum of Local Lore named after L.R. Kyzlasov at the address Abakan, 28A Pushkin street. Opening hours: Tuesday - Sunday, from 9:00 to 18:00, lunch 13:00 - 14:00 Here you can:

  • Get a full and free consultation on the tourism sector of Khakassia;
  • Take a tourist map of the region and a guide to Khakassia;
  • Find out about upcoming events in the region;
  • Plan your vacation in Khakassia;
  • Get a postcard to send to your friends and family;
  • Get branded souvenirs from Khakassia;
  • Charge your phone, drink tea, read books.

The main office of the TIC of Khakassia

To resolve issues on operational activities, regional and interregional cooperation in the sphere of tourism development, we invite you to the main office of the TIC of Khakassia at the address Abakan, 90 Chertygashev St., 3rd floor. Opening hours: Monday - Friday from 9:00 to 18:00, lunch from 13:00 to 14:00. Here you can solve the following issues:

  • Take advertising and information materials about Khakassia;
  • Bring your ideas for the development of tourism for further discussions;
  • Discuss mutually beneficial cooperation with our organization;
  • Seek advice on promoting and supporting your activities;

Departments and contact persons of the TIC of Khakassia

Director Deryusheva Irina Olegovna, tel +7(3902) 248-098, ext. 301

Department of Information Activities and Tourism Promotion, Acting head of the department Osina Anastasia Sergeevna, tel. +7(3902)248-098 ext. 315

Department of Tourism Infrastructure and Project Activities, Head of Department Kazakova Tatyana Igorevna, tel. +7(3902)248-098, ext. 309

Department of Financial Accounting and Provision, Head of Department Avgustovskaya Yana Aleksandrovna, tel. +7(3902) 248-098, ext. 302

Separate zone for the tourist reception and consultations on types of recreation, consultant’s phone +7(3902)32-32-50, 322-550

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Write questions and suggestions

Email: info@khakassia.travel

Messengers WhatsApp, Viber:  89509617804


As part of the development of the tourist infrastructure of the Republic of Khakassia, the TIC of Khakassia has begun work on the development of a project for the Tourist and Excursion Complex "Ancestor’s Trail".

  • This is a very popular tourist route, which, however, has experienced extreme and uncontrolled anthropogenic pressure in recent years. The trail is changing, the amount of scree is increasing, the soil is being destroyed.

To obtain an up-to-date expert opinion for the purpose of a comprehensive survey of the territory, specialists from the Great Baikal Trail Association were invited to assess the existing anthropogenic impact and the possibilities for preserving and developing the site.

We have developed a concept for the development of the territory with a full justification for the need for construction, analysis of the target audience, options for arrangement, etc.

  • It is planned to create non-capital construction objects at the facility: a visitor centre, parking, cafes.
  • The trail will be arranged taking into account the characteristics of the territory (flooring, railings, stairs, strengthening the trail bed), recreation areas and sanitary zones. In addition, it is planned to create a network of additional routes, including new hiking and cycling routes, up to 6.5 km long.

Below you can get acquainted with the draft design of the arrangement of the tourist-excursion complex “Ancestor’s Trail”

Tourist-excursion complex "Ancestor’s Trail".